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Ya know what’ll never get old?


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Just wanted to say that the “T” on harry’s belly looks a lot like the one Louis does… 

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still can’t believe how comfortable harry looked kissing james corden and how uncomfortable he looked kissing taylor swift

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louis’ voice when he said “one hundred percent”, “I’d marry you harry”, “it was weird, harry, when you said…hello new york”, “of course he’s hot” “thanks man”

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@onedirection: #YouAndI #2DaysToGo http://t.co/wcksOqshjK http://t.co/jPp1eHNAGx

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louis had to pee so harry stalled the audience for a moment and then when louis comes back he starts making fun of him.

harry: is everyone in school at the moment?

louis: im having a wee and i can still hear what you’re saying in my in-ear and your small talk was terrible.

harry: thank you

louis: *mocking harry* “so is anyone still in school? uh…have you done your homework?” I mean, is that the best you can come up with? x

#he even teases harry while he’s peeing #then again i spose that’s how it all started isn’t it [x]

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15/04/14 (x)

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